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Liberum is a unique resource for special situations investors - long and short - and professional service firms looking for leading.

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Liberum Research Products

Liberum Management Change Database

An easy-to-use, fully searchable, database of industry-wide top management changes.  Continually updated, the database provides the essential elements for staying on top of key management changes by:

o Industry Sector   o Company   o Management Position   
o Individual   o Date  o Market Cap

Each management change entry includes a brief corporate explanation regarding the change and, when available and relevant, background information on the individual examined.  Every management change includes a rating score.  Each rating score is derived from a compilation of upgrades or downgrades to the company stock that take place within two weeks of the specific pre- and post-management change announcement. 

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Liberum Alerts and Feeds

Email Alerts - A pro-active system designed to minimize the need for subscribers to repeatedly visit the database to perform specified management change searches. Each alert will perform its specified search once a day, every day. Search results will be emailed the following day, prior to the opening of the U.S. markets. 

 Database subscribers can elect to receive:
o Customized Alerts - Subscribers put together a specialized search/searches of their choosing based on a selection of key variables within the database.   
o Ticker Alerts - All recent C-level management changes in a specific company/companies.  

Feeds - Institutional Investors and Corporations can get an xml feed, or csv feed of changes each data, to populate their proprietary systems.


Management Change Reports

This is the service for hedge fund investors in need of a rapid turnaround assessment of a specific management change.  A hedge fund investor can contact Liberum to create a one-day customized report on a newly announced management change.  

The Management Change Report will focus on the individual in question's background and experience along with an assessment on how the individual can be expected to perform in his/her new position.  Hedge fund investors often turn to Liberum for this type of work in order to free up in-house resources for other purposes.

This is a service for hedge fund investors and professional money managers only.  Call for an example and for pricing.  Previously created Management Change Reports are available for purchase after a specified embargo period expires.